All the essential pottery tools, in one easy delivery.
Over $230 worth of tools, for only $99.

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Whats included?

8 x Rubber Handle Trimming Tools ($29.97)

3 x Tungsten Steel Trimming Tools ($35.97)

1 x Beginner Pottery Tools Set ($19.97)

10 x Metal Ribs ($16.27)

5 x Wooden Ribs ($14.97)

5 x Silicone Pens ($18.50)

4 x Semi Circle Hole Punches ($17.47)

3 x Big Loop Tools ($21.40)

1 x 15cm Acrylic Rolling Pin ($14.79)

1 x Mini Clay Extruder ($21.97)

2 x Wire Brushes ($8.97)

3 x Wire Cutters ($9.81)

Total Value = Over $230

Start your own Pottery Studio

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play with clay.

That's why we have made this big box of pottery tools... so that it's super easy and affordable for you to enjoy your pottery adventure!

What have past customers said?

"Nice selection for anything you want to make!"


"Wow, that’s a lot of great tools!"

"Everything a Potter/Sculpter needs!!"

"Amazing set of tools. I’m a student of ceramic and glass from India and really in need of the tools to help me build some more of my pottery."

"Excellent stash of pottery goodies!"

"These would be wonderful addition to art class supplies for the kids"

Get Over $230 worth of Pottery Tools for only $99

Yes, really! If you bought all these tools separately for full price at your local shop, it would cost you over $230! But we want ceramics to be as accessible as possible... so you can get all the essential pottery tools you need for only $99.